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  Bob Patterson  |  Friday, 28 Jul 2023  |  Reading time:  9 mins  | Read online

Finding Inspiration

Photo by Alex Cruceru

I have been thinking a lot about the title of this issue of our newsletter. Recently, I received an email from David Turnbull about how he was inspired by the work of Romanian photographer Alex Cruceru. Alex’s article, ["The Stories that Hands Tell,"] was published in the October 2021 issue of Street Photography Magazine. I was thrilled that our little magazine was the vehicle for David to find inspiration and even more pleased for Alex.

Reading David's story, I was also inspired to pay closer attention to the little details (like hands) that make a difference in my own work.

It is not often that any of us have an opportunity to inspire others, and it is even better when we learn about it. So, before I get to my stuff, let's begin with David's own inspiration story.

Hands Tell a Story by David Turnbull

Greetings from Toronto.

I was inspired by Alex Cruceru's story about hands in a past issue. It got me thinking that I should observe hands more than I do, and capture what I see.

I wondered down to the vibrant Ratha-Yatra Festival of India parade this morning, and arrived just before it started.. Thousands attended, and it's been happening for 51 years in Toronto.

40 foot high floats, and excitement everywhere. But everyone photographs the floats. So, I challenged myself to get in close, really close, right in the middle of the crowds with a wide-angle lens. My subject? Hands.

Just one camera and one lens. I kept it simple (as street photographers should).
Reading Street Photography has got me seeing and exploring much more than ever. (and even shooting in colour once in a while!)

A few of my favorite YouTube inspiration sources

As a self-proclaimed technology geek, I always search for inspiration online. Of course, books are even better sources, but that's a topic for another day.

The downside to finding inspiration online is that there's far more trash than treasure. For example, shortly after this newsletter drops, my wife and I will visit Greece to explore Athens and several Greek islands.

I've been searching YouTube and the web for information about the places we will visit. Sadly, most of the videos about the various islands are recorded by travel bloggers who provide little substance other than reviews of the free coffee and hotel rooms they received for placement in their thin little stories. It is frustrating. (Side note: I did find a brilliant channel by tour guide Sebastian titled Greece Explained, it’s a must-see if you plan to go there).

The same is true for photography. It seems that most photography-related YouTube channels focus on gear reviews which is fine when you’re in the market for a camera. If you’re searching for inspiration, insight, or answers to real questions, finding it requires time and effort.

The good news - there are some real nuggets on YouTube. After kissing way too many frogs, I managed to identify a few go-to sources of inspiration. Below is a list of some of my favorites that I think you will like. If you, too, have any sources that inspire you, I would be thrilled if you could share them with us.

T. Hopper with Tatiana Hopper

Tatiana's videos aim to help her viewers develop their photographic skills and eye. Rather than focusing on the type of gear she uses, she discusses what her own work means to her, how it fits in, and where she sees it going. She also likes to analyze photo books and learn from the best photographers and masters, as well as lesser-known individuals. For example, she has created several videos about actors and musicians who are also photographers, which introduced viewers to new and interesting artists.

Her videos are short, around 15 minutes, which allows viewers to learn more about a particular photographer and decide if they want to explore their work further.

Paul Reid Photography

Paul Reid is a professional photographer from the Carlisle UK and a master at monochrome photography. He's also very curious and adventurous, always trying new techniques and projects, and sharing what he learns with his YouTube audience. His enthusiasm for all things photography is infectious.

I interviewed Paul for our podcast in June, and the recording is available here. Additionally, he will be the featured photographer in the August 2023 issue of Street Photography Magazine. His story is scheduled for publication on August 6.

The Photographic Eye with Alex Kilbee

Alex, a professional photographer from the UK, is also a prolific teacher through his YouTube channel. While he has created many excellent videos about technique and the mental side of photography, what inspires me the most is his unique perspective and the lessons he has learned from some of the greats in photography. His broad library is broken down into multiple categories (playlists), three of which have been particularly useful sources of information and inspiration.

Leica Conversations

The Leica USA channel primarily features promotional videos, but the videos in the Conversations playlist are dedicated to individual photographers and their art. Gear is either secondary or not mentioned at all. These videos offer intelligent and thoughtful conversations with current masters, providing nuggets of photographic wisdom that can apply to all of us. In my opinion, the conversations recorded during the pandemic are particularly noteworthy.

Here are some of my favorites (I’ve watched some of these more than once):

Anthony Morganti

Anthony is a professional photographer, retoucher, and trainer based in Buffalo, New York. He is an expert in Lightroom and Photoshop, and an excellent communicator. Recently, Adobe has leveraged AI technology to make both products more powerful and user-friendly, especially when it comes to the previously tedious task of masking. Dodging and burning are now a snap once you learn how to use them. Anthony's clear and easy-to-follow instructions are the best I've found in the crowded YouTube field.

Why is Lightroom training inspirational? Well, it reduces the time I spend on the computer (where I already spend too much time) and increases the time I spend behind the camera (where I want to be).

Keith Cooper

It is often said that a photograph doesn't truly exist until it's printed. However, creating high-quality prints, especially fine art prints, with today's inkjet printers can be a daunting task. When I purchased a Canon Pro printer earlier this year, I was surprised by the learning curve required to produce high-quality prints. Thankfully, I discovered Keith Cooper's YouTube channel.

Keith, an architectural and commercial photographer from Northlight Images in Leicester, UK, is an expert in color and monochrome printing on many of the latest Canon and Epson printers. He possesses encyclopedic knowledge of printing software and paper.

Keith's clear explanations of how to use my specific printer model (Canon Pro-200) and the best papers for monochrome and

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