Change, Constraints and Creativity with Shlomi Amiga

December 18, 2020

Thanks to the Internet we now live in little silos of individual realities. The shared experiences we had before this phenomenon no longer exist. Then along comes the coronavirus pandemic that has thrust into a new shared experience not felt since the 911 attacks and the Kennedy assassination. It is a common reality we cannot […]

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Ashley Tillery – Street Portraits with a Purpose

December 4, 2020

Our guest this week is Ashley Tillery, a street photographer from Arlington, Virginia. Raised in a military family Ashley moved around a lot as a child which exposed her to many different cultures and places. But it wasn’t until after college while working as a folklorist in rural Alabama that she found the inspiration to […]

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Harvey Stein on Book Publishing

October 2, 2020

Lifelong New York street photographer and educator, Harvey Stein, has published 9 books throughout his career and I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with him about several of them over the years. When he finished his latest book, Then and and There, Mardi Gras 1979 we got together on a Zoom call to discuss the […]

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Self Publishing with Chris Suspect

August 21, 2020

One of the great frustrations in the digital age is that e easy it is to make your photography available to the world, yet so difficult to get people’s attention and to take the time to look.

Street and documentary photographer Chris Suspect, the Street Photography Magazine featured photographer in August 2020 issue, has figured it out. He regularly enters his work in competitions, attends festivals (at least he did when you could do that sort of thing) and just getting to know people personally. And most recently is self publishing a series of photo books, which have been very successful.

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Don’t Edit while Shooting with Kevin Fletcher

August 7, 2020

When you ask Kevin Fletcher of Portland, Oregon what he does he’ll tell you that he’s an image maker. Like all good elevator speeches there’s so much more to it. Professionally he is an independent Directory of Photography who does commercial work around the world, most recently for Netflix. And he’s working towards doing more […]

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Patience and Pre-visualization with Kelly Gorham

July 24, 2020

Our guest this week is Montana documentary photographer Kelly Gorham is a former photojournalist, filmmaker and Director of Visual Media at Montana State University. As a filmmaker he is about to finish a PBS documentary film, titled Mavericks, about the story behind the ascendancy of Montana skiers to the heights of competitive freestyle skiing. In fact Kelly is a former competitive freestyle skier himself.

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Discussion – How the Pandemic Has Changed Street Photography

June 8, 2020

Although the Coronavirus is not currently in the headlines that doesn’t mean it’s gone away. On the contrary it’s still there and just as dangerous. Now that we’re collectively letting our guard down I fear that it will come roaring back. But I hope I’m wrong.

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The evolution of a Street Photographer with Deborah Cole

May 26, 2020

Although Debby Cole, a former business owner and corporate executive from Austin Texas, spent spent most of her adult life as a landscape photographer she never considered street photography until she attended (almost by accident) a workshop with Valerie Jardin in Paris. Debby says it changed her life.

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Jens Krauer interview

Jens Krauer – Street Photography Insights

May 2, 2020

Like you I’m learning how to become better at the this elusive art form we call street photography. No matter how much I know or have learned there’s always more. It’s like crossing the ocean. Once you reach the horizon, what do you see? Another horizon. So each time I interview a street photographer for […]

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Street Photo Camera Gear with Matt Jerrams

April 18, 2020

Matt Jerrams sheltering in place. I hope you’re are enjoying yourself sheltering in place. Of course not. It has been an interesting time, hasn’t it. Because we’ve been stuck inside Matt Jerrams and I got together the other day to record an episode indulging our favorite guilty pleasure which is street photography gear. If you […]

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Organizing a Street Photography Collective with Shlomi Amiga

April 1, 2020

I’m back from my trip to New Zealand and getting back into the swing of things. Sorry for being offline for so long. When we left the US things were relatively normal, and in New Zealand it seemed to be business as usual.  Although we watched the stock market melt down on television, out on […]

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