Mark Seymour – Show Me the Nose

June 17, 2022

Mark Seymour is an amazing wedding photographer who had an interesting journey into street photography. (No spoiler alerts here. You’ll have to listen in to hear the story. 😜) Now, he also guides intimate street photography workshops around the world with Shoot the Street. His own street photography is stunning as you can see in […]

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Conversation with Thomas Hackenberg

June 3, 2022

When Thomas Hackenberg heads out to do street photography, he’s a lone wolf and he’s fast. Armed with his Sony A7 and only a 35mm lens, he keeps things simple and unobtrusive. With this approach Thomas captures humorous street photos with quirky details and a real storytelling component. But there’s so much more to it […]

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Dan Ginn – Travel Street Photography

May 20, 2022

I first met Dan Ginn about seven years ago when Ashley Riffo and I interviewed him for this podcast. At the time he was a young guy about to leave on a big adventure with his girlfriend to travel through the Americas learning the culture and making photographs along the way. Less than a year […]

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Virginia Hines attends The Chico Portfolio Review

May 6, 2022

San Francisco based street photographer Virginia Hines shares here experience preparing for and attending the 2022 Chico Hot Springs portfolio review.

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Jason Rice – Inside his style

April 22, 2022

Jason Rice is a representative for a book wholesaler which brings him to New York City on a regular basis. Like any avid street photographer he uses the opportunity to walk the streets in search of images that reflect his personal story. As the son of a professional photographer Jason was influenced not only by […]

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Visual Storytelling with Fred Ranger

April 8, 2022

Fred Ranger is a Montreal based photographer, YouTuber and podcaster, in short…a visual storyteller. He travels frequently for his job so he uses that experience not only to capture and document his experiences, but shares those stories via his YouTube channel, podcast and zines. In today’s episode Fred talks about the art of visual storytelling […]

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Aaron Cabitto – Vintage Lenses

March 25, 2022

Aaron Cabitto, a security engineer from Fredericksburg Virginia has been an avid photographer for over 20 years. Although he likes the quality of his Fuji lenses he missed the unique character of the older lenses he used in his film days. He says that sometimes new lenses are almost too perfect…too sterile for his taste […]

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Ellen Friedlander – Community is Key

March 11, 2022

Ellen Friedlander is a Los Angeles-based fine art and documentary photographer who uses creative techniques to reveal the inscrutable nature of the human condition. Her work has been most influenced by the iconic photographs made by 20th century street photographers. From the age of 16 she took to the city streets across the United States […]

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Gunther Deichmann

Gunther Deichmann – Views from my Balcony

February 25, 2022

In early 2020, Manila resident and documentary photographer, Gunther Deichman, decided it was time to move from his house to something smaller and different. He chose an apartment on the 10th floor of a high-rise in downtown Manila. His favorite feature One feature is the balcony which afforded him views of the skyline, and unique […]

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Word on the Street with Jeff Tidwell

February 11, 2022

Jeff Tidwell is a full stack web developer that hails from Texas originally. And while he’s always had an interest in photography, it wasn’t until a mission trip to Romania in 2012 that his interest began to bloom into a full on passion for photography and street photography in particular. Nowadays, Jeff mostly shoots around […]

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Ricky Huerta and the Leica Street Photography Collective

January 28, 2022

Whether you shoot Leica or not, you’ll enjoy getting to know this avid street photographer.

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Catching up with Ave Pildas

January 14, 2022

On this week’s episode, we’re catching up with Ave Pildas. Ave was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and worked early in his career as a photo stringer for Downbeat Magazine in the Ohio Valley and Pennsylvania. That was in the 1960’s but that just the beginning of Ave’s journey. Ave and Bob talked about […]

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