Two Way Street with Gretchen Grace

July 19, 2024

Our guest today is Brooklyn native, Gretchen Grace, a fascinating street photographer whose journey in photography began with a high school class that sparked her passion. since then she’s been capturing the street scenes of New York City for decades. Gretchen recently published a book called “Two Way Street” that showcases her unique vision. It’s […]

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Documenting Cruise Culture with Russell C. Banks

July 5, 2024

Russell Banks, the featured photographer in the July 2024 issue of Street Photography Magazine, is a street photographer known for documenting life aboard cruise ships. His visual narratives about passengers and crew have allowed him to carve out a unique niche. Russell’s interest in photography began in childhood when capturing moments on film sparked a […]

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Kenneth Wajda: How a Classic Camera Breaks the Ice

June 21, 2024

Kenneth Wajda, a commercial and editorial photographer from Colorado, enjoys making street portraits in his spare time. His outgoing and friendly nature helps him approach strangers for permission to take their portraits. His secret weapon? A classic Rolleiflex TLR camera, which he describes as the perfect icebreaker. Kenneth has written an article about his experience […]

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Ave Pildas’ Vision of America

June 7, 2024

Ave Pildas is a living legend in the world of street photography. Now 84 years old and based in Santa Monica, California, his career spans over six decades of capturing images that document the human experience. Pildas’ journey began in humble circumstances – by his own account, he was “a juvenile delinquent at 16” growing […]

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Johan Otterdahl’s Journey from Music to Moments

May 17, 2024

In today’s episode I speak with, Swedish musician and photographer Johan Otterdahl who discusses his unique approach to photography, which includes using one camera and lens for an entire year. Our rambling conversation spans a range of topics, from his upcoming trip to photograph an eclipse in Finnmark, Norway in September, to his artistic background […]

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A Filmmaker’s Influence on Rick Smith’s Street Photography

May 3, 2024

Los Angeles-base street photographer, Richard Smith, is the featured photographer in the May 2024 issue of Street Photography Magazine. Through Rick’s work he expresses his love for his hometown’s diverse cultures, historical architecture, and the unexpected surprises of city life. One of his favorite spots is Union Station, where he often spends time capturing the […]

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Street Photography as a Tool for Social Commentary with Bob Patefield

April 19, 2024

In this episode, UK-based photographer, Bob Patefield, shares his lifelong passion for street photography, from his early fascination with cameras to encounters and collaborations. He tells us about his experience of being unjustly stopped by police while documenting an incident during Christmas near a British National Party event, which led to an 8-hour detainment without […]

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Daring to Look: The unique street photography of Penelope James

April 5, 2024

In today’s episode, Dallas-based fundraiser and street photographer Penny James shared the story of her creative evolution since she first picked up a camera in 2016. With a passion for capturing the spontaneous ballet of urban life, she has become a unique voice in the world of street photography. Her photographic journey began with a […]

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Valérie Jardin and Gina Williams – Fusion of Street Photography and Fiction

March 15, 2024

In Street Photography Magazine, we publish many personal projects and discuss them with photographers on the podcast. In this episode, I had an opportunity to speak with street photographer Valérie and writer (and photographer) Gina Williams about their collaboration on one of the most creative projects I’ve seen in a long time. Gina, a very […]

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Mister Geez Discusses the power of childlike wonder in street photography

March 1, 2024

Gerald Marie-Nelly, affectionately known as Mister Geez, is the featured photographer in the March 2024 issue of Street Photography Magazine. During our conversation in this episode he invites us into his world of visual storytelling. Mister Geez’s photographic journey is a combination of personal growth and artistic discovery. His transition from the sun-kissed shores of […]

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The Unity of Art and Science: Marco Campi’s Vision of Humanity

February 16, 2024

In this episode we explore the world of Marco Campi where the rigid structure of mathematics and the expressive power of photography combine to tell stories of human experiences and the perils of climate change. If you’ve ever wondered how the precision of numbers and the creativity of visual arts could intertwine, then have a […]

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The Power of Critique with Jeff Larason

February 2, 2024

In this episode of the Street Photography Magazine podcast, photographer the featured photographer in the February 2024 issue of Street Photography Magazine, discussed his 30-year exploration of street photography shooting on Mass Avenue in Boston and his shift from traditional photography to using a mobile phone. He emphasized the importance of feedback and critique in […]

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