Photo Evaluation

Photo Review Show with David Jackson

January 18, 2018

David Jackson is a UK native who ended up living in China thanks to one very unexpected chain of events. Though his interest in photography dates back to his earlier years, it wasn’t until he found himself living in a very foreign environment that he began to feel the need to document all the goings […]

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Photo Review Show with Angelina Davydova

December 7, 2017

They say that great photographers are made not born, but today’s guest, Angelina Davydova is making me think twice about that theory. That’s because she has been doing street photography for only 2 months. When I first saw her images I was certain she had been at it for some time, but not so. Ashley […]

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Photo Evaluation show with John Simpson

November 9, 2017

Today we are joined by John Simpson, from Walnut Creek, California to take part in another evaluation show. John is recently retired from the legal profession and likes to spend his time honing his street photography skills. 
 John has submitted 3 photos for his evaluation. So please use the photos below to follow along […]

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The First Photo Evaluation Show

December 22, 2016

Join us with photographer Jake Metzger as we evaluate three of Jake’s street photos taken during recent travels.

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