Featured Photographer Fabio Marcato

February 28, 2014

Fabio Marcato is an Italian photographer from near Venice, which is probably one of the most picturesque cities in the world. That said, he prefers to travel to Africa and India in search of street photos and portraits with emotion.  In fact, he describes himself as a “hunter of emotion.” As a result his images […]

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New Street Photography eBooks from Michail Moshcolios

February 27, 2014

Award-winning street photographer Michail Moshcolios is best known for his ability to capture moments, emotions, and human nature in a way that some describe as “poetic”, “brilliant”, and “technically perfect”. Time and again, his shots reveal an intuition that allows him to take what is ordinary and turn it into something inspiring and beautiful. His personal […]

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Earthrise – Not a Street Photo, but a Great Story

February 15, 2014

This isn’t about street photography, but a very interesting story about how the Apollo astronauts were able to capture one of the most iconic images of the 20th century in the moment with their Hasselblad 500el. They would have missed it if it wasn’t for luck and teamwork. Any street shooter can relate to their […]

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Lost Leica Found after 30 Years

January 20, 2014

SPM contributor Paul Salmon can really tell a story with his photos. But one of his cameras has a story of its own. Over thirty years ago, after studying documentary photography under Magnum photographer David Hurn, Paul bought his first Leica, an M2, from a fellow student. In the tradition started by Life Magazine photographer, […]

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Drive By Street Portraits

July 22, 2013

Los Angeles photographer, Johnny Tergo, tricked out his pickup truck with a boom mounted strobe in the bed, another strobe on the passenger side, DSLR tethered to a laptop and PocketWizards to capture life on the streets as he sees it happen. It makes sense that this would happen in LA where people practically live […]

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Get Published in Street Photography Magazine

April 29, 2013

Here’s your opportunity to publish your images in SPM. Beginning with our second issue, we will include a section that features select images from our Flickr group. If you wish to have your images published in SPM simply join the group and share your favorites.  If your image is selected, we will contact you for […]

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