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Improving Your Mobile Phone Street Shots: 3 Quick Tips

August 11, 2015

Ben Johnson had some powerful words for all of you mobile street photographers out there in Issue 3 of Street Photography Magazine. We’d like to revisit them right here on the blog today. He said this, …one photo can look quite average, while another photo of the same or similar scene or event can be […]

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Street Photography Composition and the Golden Ratio

August 7, 2015

Photographers are naturally visual people. We are drawn to certain images and patterns but often don’t know why. When we become aware of the “why” and use it intentionally when shooting, we create stronger images. The Golden Ratio, which is roughly 1 to 1.618, is a mathematical ratio commonly found in nature. It is repeated in […]

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Photo Shoot Editing Workflow with Lightroom

March 31, 2015

I’ve been a Lightroom user since version 1 was beta. While I’ve been using it very successfully to edit images I paid little attention to its ability to help manage and edit (sort and cull the best) my images. Over time, my catalog has become a mess, making me feel like a digital hoarder. Then […]

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