The Secret to Balinese Happiness

February 15, 2021

Meet some of the happiest people on earth.

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Unicorns on the Adriatic Sea

January 14, 2021

This year something is new. That’s the power of perspective.

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Copyright Jesper Storgaard Jensen

Street Portraiture for the Faint of Heart

December 15, 2020

Overcome your fear of approaching strangers to make better street portraits.

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Lonliest Road

November 15, 2020

Meet Virginia Hines at the “intersection of photo ops and social distance.”

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November 15, 2020

Street photography helps Arkadeep Mitra find his way.

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Finding Inspiration in Diane Arbus’ Life

September 15, 2020

After reading “Diane Arbus Revelations” I had a few revelations of my own.

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The Ambivert Photographer Pivots

May 14, 2020

The year began as planned for Deborah Cole, but then in March 2020 the “Big Pause” began.

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Charlottesville City Market

Overcoming Street Photography Burnout

November 15, 2019

How I dealt with my street photography burnout plus advice from others who have been in the same boat.

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Humanism is in the Streets

October 15, 2019

Shaun La explains how street photography and humanism are closely connected.

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There’s No Place Like Home (For Street Photography)

September 10, 2019

As is often the case, the acres of diamonds are in our own backyard.

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I Want to Crawl into My Stories

February 15, 2019

When Maria hits the streets (or the beach) it keeps her in the zone of discovery – a place where stories unfold.

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