Kevin Shelley

Leica M Edition 60 – The Street Photography Review

March 18, 2016

Kevin Shelley’s third installment about this Leica beauty. This time he takes her to the streets.

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The Leica M Edition 60: Past Future

February 19, 2016

The second of three installments of an informative review by Kevin Shelley that is sure to keep you entertained

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Leica M Edition 60 – A Design Concept

January 15, 2016

The first of three articles by Kevin Shelley, who gives us a thorough review of this Leica beauty

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Interview with Kevin Shelley

August 28, 2014

Kevin Shelley shares his unique take on street photography with us.

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Fuji XF35 and XF60 on the Streets

July 30, 2014

UK shooter Kev Shelley tires these Fuji lenses on the streets

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