Eric Davidove

The Murals and People Project

June 21, 2016

The streets and alleys of San Francisco are a vibrant art gallery. Throughout neighborhoods, hundreds of walls and fences are adorned with colorful works of art featuring themes ranging from cultural heritage to social political statements. As San Francisco continues to play a central role in the digital age, the city’s artists choose to use […]

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Interview with Eric Davidove

April 14, 2020

Meet Eric Davidove and learn some specific techniques that can help you to improve your skills with your camera and your ability as a storyteller.

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Women in the Sacred Valley

July 15, 2018

Eric Davidove presents a photo series that focuses on rural Peruvian women and children in the authentic context of their daily routines.

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Hong Kong Streets

July 17, 2017

Eric Davidove takes us on a trip to Hong Kong, exploring some of the country’s social issues as well as what makes street photography there quite different from street photography in most Western Countries.

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Train Runners

November 17, 2016

Eric Davidove has been working on a project that focuses on train runners, that’s right, people running to catch their train

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