Bob Patterson

Inspiring Stories of Regular People – Sam Huggin

September 22, 2023

In this episode, Sam Huggin, a production assistant in Richmond, Virginia, discusses the importance of film and photography in storytelling. Sam shared how framing shots can convey a message that relates to a larger narrative. He spoke about how, for him, photography captures the beauty and complexity of the world, and resonates with people through […]

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PhotoNOLA Festival 2023 – Lisa Cates and Doug Miller

September 18, 2023

Photograpohers Lisa Cates and Doug Miller join us to discus the events around the PhotoNOLA festival in New Orleans 2023

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Capturing the Unnoticed with Joe Jasper

September 15, 2023

Joe Jasper is a passionate street photographer who resides in Washington DC. In addition to photography, he also works as an Events and Experience Producer for a DC-based company and has in the past worked as a Videographer and a Photography Instructor in the Washington area. Joe’s photography revolves around his ability to capture moments, […]

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Photograph the moment, not “the thing” – Richard Morgan

September 1, 2023

Richard Morgan is a professional photographer and photography education from London. He recently authored a powerful article in June 2023 issue of Street Photography Magazine titled The Poetry of Everyday Life in Wartime Ukraine about how life goes on amid the relentless Russian attacks on their country. His passion for street photography started when he […]

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Recording magic moments that are right with the world – Bob Soltys

August 18, 2023

Portrait Photo by Joshua McLaughlin Growing up in Gary Indiana, Bob Soltys discovered his love for photography while shelving books in his local library. It was then he encountered The Eye of Eisensteadt which left an indelible impact on him. From photographing Bobby Kennedy’s rally with his humble Instamatic camera to investing his earnings in […]

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Illuminating the Past: Larry Racioppo’s Reflections on his Extensive Archive of Photographs

August 4, 2023

Step into the realm of forgotten moments and untold personal tales as we explore the depths of an extraordinary photo archive.

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Kenneth Wajda – In-between Moments

July 14, 2023

Kenneth Wajda is a professional photographer and avid street photographer from Colorado. He has a unique approach to photography and a real passion for capturing those special moments that happen in our everyday lives. According to him, photography is a way to capture life as it is and to showcase the essence of people and […]

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Mark Gilvey – Blurb for Photographers

July 7, 2023

Mark Gilvey is an artist and photographer in Northern Virginia near Washington, DC. He began his career documenting endurance sports car racing. He later became interested in multi-image production, designing art for panoramic presentations using multiple slide projectors. As technology evolved, Mark taught himself digital design and went on to work in pre-press, web design, […]

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How to promote your work with Meryl Meisler

June 30, 2023

If you don’t promote your own work, nobody will.

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Mister Monochrome – Paul Reid

June 16, 2023

Paul Reid is a professional photographer from Carlisle in the north of England. For many years he specialized in wedding photography using only small cameras with prime lenses to capture fleeting moments that tell the story of the day’s events. This made it an easy transition when he became serious about street photography. Because of […]

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Learning to see with Lauren Welles

June 9, 2023

Today we welcome back, Lauren Welles, someone with whom we’ve spoken with a number of times over the years. Lauren left a successful 16-year career as a corporate attorney to follow her passion for photography, which she has been doing professionally now for a little over a decade. She is primarily self-taught, and her photography […]

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Julia Dean – The L.A. Project

June 2, 2023

We’re pleased to have Julia Dean back with us again. She’s a longtime photographer, educator, writer, founder of the Los Angeles Center of Photography and most recently the creator of The L.A. Project. Julia was the last apprentice to the pioneering photographer Bernice Abbott, which had a profound effect on her work and career. In […]

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