After 40 years as a UK Landscape and I.R. photographer, for one reason or another I have never allowed myself the time to examine a personal passion of mine being street/urban photography.


As a photographer these days I am finding my enjoyment of carrying bags of heavy equipment waning, after a lifetime of struggling with pounds of heavy equipment and camera supports out to distant landscape locations.

Lost in Thought

Over the years I have always found wandering with just a couple of rangefinders, fast primes and one very small bag liberating and so refreshing and now am even finding my whole style and outlook towards my general imagery changing. I really believe nowadays I am taking a new photographic route to some extent, not only commercially with many new commitments, but also individually.

Three’s a crowd

I know deep inside that I will always spend time shooting landscape and I.R., but my fascination for street, documentary and urban photography is becoming a very large part of my life these days and thus consuming much of my time.

I am now covering miles out on the streets with a camera right across the World. I find street photography to be a kind of journalism of public life. You try to show what everybody can see with their eyes everyday but don’t seem to notice; you capture this and highlight it to the World so hopefully they then see it as well.

His World

There is nothing bad about it, well not as I see it anyway. Maybe not everyone wants to be or have things or situations published, but then that’s another story. You have to believe in yourself and be sure to do the right thing. If you can’t do that, you will have a hard time coping with “warts and all photography” out on the street, so to speak.

Summer’s Gone

To be honest I think we all change as we grow older, but I believe all good artists should diversify and experiment with new ideas, avenues and routes through life. Personally, I think of it as exploring yet another path, maybe not the general road ahead who knows, but for now after so many years in photography, I am once again having great fun, visiting new places and have found a new hunger for what I am doing and that only has to be good.

Best wishes,
Steve Denby

Below are more of Steve’s street photos

The Fallen

Broken Heart

Rue Drevet