Welcome to the final edition of Street Photography Magazine for 2013. It’s been a very interesting experience putting this publication together each month. In the process I’ve met dozens of creative and talented photographers from around the world And each one has a different approach to the art. It’s been a fantastic learning experience.

This month we have something a little different. Because so many photographers are creating personal projects, we are pleased to share two of them in this issue. Lately we’ve received dozens of submissions from street photographers with of their projects; some are short-term, others last a lifetime. We’ll be publishing projects on a regular basis in future issues, so please tell us about what you’re working on. We’d like to see it and I’m sure others will too.

We have three interviews this month that you are going to really like. Paul Salmon, a longtime documentary photographer from the UK and former student of Magnum photographer David Hurn, shares his experience of covering wars and other editorial assignments for The Sunday Times Magazine, Time and his recent projects. Paul is a pro’s pro who was happy to explain how editorial photographers work an assignment.

Jon Fernandez, from the Basque region of Spain, shares some of his favorite images and tells the stories behind them. He was one of our Flickr shooters earlier in the year. His portfolio was so rich we had to show you more.

Two of my favorite photography bloggers are Oliver Duong and Don Springer, the team behind the brilliant photo magazine The Inspired Eye. They took time out of their busy schedules to record an interview about their philosophies and why it’s important to shoot from the heart. Don’t miss it.

As I said earlier we have two personal projects in this issue. British landscape photographer Steve Denby is also an avid street shooter. His work shows how both genres compliment each other. It’s stunning.

Maciej Grzybowski a cinematographer from Poland has published several photo stories about travels to various places. This month he has given us a photo story of his recent travels through Romania.

The Flickr Shooters of the Month took a holiday this issue but will be back next time under a slightly different name. So many of our submissions come from people who don’t even use the service that we decided to rename it ‘Street Shooters of the Month.’

Until then, keep shooting!

Bob Patterson

Staff and Contributors

Contributors This Issue:

  • Steve Denby
  • Oliver Doung
  • Jon Fernandez
  • Maciej Grzybowski
  • Bob Patterson
  • Paul Salmon
  • Don Springer

Cover Image: Jon Fernandez


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  • Anna Trevino – Assistant Editor
  • Kristal Formanes – Graphic Designer
  • Matt Fuller – Audio Production


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