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Saturday, 24 Feb 2024  |  Reading time:  3 mins  | Read online

Valentine’s Day: Photographs of Love and Loss

Larry Racioppo

Today Valentine’s Day in the USA is a commercial celebration of romantic love in a variety of ways far removed from the remembrance of the original Valentines - men who were martyred in the Third Century. According to, the Roman Catholic Church recognizes about a dozen Saint Valentines, and displays the skull of one in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, located in Rome, Italy.

Over the years, I have documented mixed sentiments about LOVE throughout New York City. My photographs depict many aspects of romantic love.

Expressions of mutual, ongoing love are always a pleasure to find.

Gloria & Carlton - Brooklyn, 2004
Butch & Debbie - Brooklyn, 1978
“Together for Ever” Polaroid found on the street - Brooklyn, 2015
Sweethearts of 170 - The Bronx, 1989

But as most of us know all too well, love doesn’t always last.

Or end well.

Discarded and Run Over Candy Box - Manhattan, 1985
Written with Excrement - The Bronx, 1997

But if you have been lucky enough to find it, one love can truly last.

Street Love Truck - Brooklyn, 2004

About the Columnist

Larry’s portrait by Anna Delaney

When I returned to South Brooklyn in 1970 after two years in California as a VISTA Volunteer, I was 22 years old with no plans and a $30 camera I barely knew how to use. I took a course at the School of Visual Arts, a job with the telephone company and began to photograph my family and friends. Things worked out better than I could have expected. I’ve been making photographs for over 50 years, and have some things I’d like to share.

 Readers can respond directly to me – larryracioppo@gmail,com.

Update on SPM Photo Book

Well, our call for submissions has officially closed. We want to thank everyone who submitted their work.

Next, we'll be combing through all those beautiful street shots to make our selection and start sequencing! It's a big job, but we can't wait to dive in.

We'll keep you posted as there are more developments. And thank you for being just as excited as we are about this project.

As always, happy shooting amigos! ✌️

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